Who We Are

Solvers and dreamers.

Formed in 2008, Indiquoise is an Aurora, Illinois based graphic and website design company. We solve marketing (design) and technological (development) issues and build with branded dreams for small and medium business, individuals, causes, and more.

What We Do

A full-service creative and practical solution.

Indiquoise will (re)build your brand, develop and design a web presence that defines and explores your core principals, and utilize the latest marketing technique to blast your message straight to the minds that matter.

We work with print and web

Our branding and marketing services.


Define your presence through experience. Our role in your branding campaign is to create and maintain a universal look and feel for your purpose…one that fosters recognition and retention through what your audience feels when interacting with your company. Branding sells that experience, rather than a product or service.

logo design

100% custom and vector

new designs require 1-2 weeks

print identity


color palette

unique font(s)

2 stylistic elements


base business card


guideline sheet

web identity


color palette

unique font(s)

2 stylistic elements

3 social media headers/profile pic

4 industry-specific stock images


landing page

html email template

guideline sheet

full monty


color palette

unique font(s)

2 stylistic elements

3 social media headers/profile pic

4 industry-specific stock images


base business card



landing page

html email template

guideline sheet

À la carte

pick what you need from any of the listed items above


The positioning of your products and/or services for sale. Once your brand is built and refined, it’s time to get word out about how great you are! Due to a competitive nature of business markets, having a focused campaign is essential to differentiating your business from your competition. By focused we mean tangible, measurable ROI. We get you the results, period.

customer research

We convert your customer data questions into answers and insights into your market.

planning & development

Organizing your market into quantifiable segments to gain efficiency, we use this information to get your message to the people most likely to convert

loyalty retention

Quite possibly the heart of success, we find out who your customers really are…and keep them coming back.

digital marketing



social media




direct advertising

You define a goal, and we create a campaign to capture the heart of your targeted consumer. We’ve used: mailers, email, grassroots, radio, television and more to get the job done right.

Graphic Design

$37 +/Hour
  • Print ready file output
  • 3 major revisions and unlimited minor revisions
  • Job files delivered via OneDrive link (cd/dvd available for add’tl shipping cost)
  • Color matched versions across media (print and web)
  • Color and B&W (or mono-color) variants
  • Separated color plates, by request
  • Discounted printing from local printer


%35/Ad budget
  • Comprehensive research on all projects
  • Available discounted rate for retainer program
  • Predetermined ROI Guarantee
  • Seamless integration into existing marketing efforts
  • One-stop shop for all graphic assets related to campaign
  • Discounted Data Mining service
  • Copywriting service available

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Web Design

Demark, Inc.

Demark, Inc. is a national company that specializes in placing the right people in high-level technological positions. Their primary focus is in the Energy industry with staples likes Nuclear and Fossil dominating, but they are branching out into other areas like Wind...

Memory Bear Maker

I was contacted by Nancy to help her new business, Memory Bear Maker, come up with a logo and website to support a growing base of supporters and fans on Facebook. We built the site using Yootheme and integrated her story into a pleasing and fun layout. It turned out...

Em Poesy Productions

EM Poesy Productions is a passion project for a local artist to her loving fans! We are happy to help create a space for her work to shine on the internet. See it live @...

Simply MCA

Hailing from New York City, Simply MCA, a merchant cash advance business, came to us requesting web design within a content framework. After working out a plan, we collaborated with the partners' branding team to develop a layout within Wordpress's CMS and Yootheme's...

Tools For Life Counseling

Tools For Life LTD is a local substance abuse education and treatment office in Aurora and Naperville. They came to us from a drop in SERP rank caused by a newer upstart company. We reviewed their site and determined a new build (with seo in mind from the beginning)...

Dynamic Processing Solutions

Beautiful last-minute web design we put together for a friend of an existing client. Looking for merchant services? Check out Dynamic Processing Solutions! Dynamic Processing Solutions offer several MCA and related services with competitive rates and customer services...


Fan Pay is a website referred to my by another long-time client. It was a rush job, but the principal contact had all his ducks in a row by providing me all copy, a layout (!), and images...ready to go. I was able to knock it out in less than 48hrs. We hope they enjoy...

Alford Strategy Management

ASM INC is a strategy management firm out of Chicago. They help small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, and more understand and develop their business strategy. The result is increased efficiency and expanded market share. These guys are the real deal. I created a...

New England Water Group

New England Water Group is an expansion of another company we've worked with (always awesome to hear!) that was originally based in the great Midwest. Now, they have a solid offering for the NE side of the USA with operations based in Boston. If you are a business,...

Kitchen Ten VFW

Kitchentenvfw is the home-base for a new restaurant in Lockport, IL featuring the only fast casual dining experience in town! Every week the menu changes, so be sure to visit often. The concept for the name, kitchen ten, is taken from the way the menu is set up. Every...

JJS Global

JJSGlobal.net and I have had a long relationship. These are just great guys who do a killer business, but the previous designer left their site in shambles! For shame...well, we went in and gutted the whole old installation and installed a new Joomla template complete...

Inspired Design Creations

This is a client that needed a "homebase" for their custom commemorative sales force that told the story of the company and industry. We went with a fullpage.js layout that really gives a great experience through using a touch device. The client is happy, we are...

Graphic Design

Door to Door Door Hanger

What a mouthful! We were contracted to create an, and I quote, "unique door hanger that people can't help but wonder what it is." Well...this is the inceptionesque result. The customer LOVED it, and said our design had the highest response rate of any other!...

Blue Apron Layouts

Blue Apron (the popular delivery and recipe service) contracted us to design layouts for their newest release: The Blue Apron Cookbook: 165 Essential Recipes and Lessons for a Lifetime of Home Cooking We couldn't be happier with the result! Get cooking in style and...

DNC Fraud Lawsuit Logo

We created a logo for the pending legal case, DNC Fraud Lawsuit. While we enjoy the design and are proud of the result, our creation of the logo and display here is not necessarily indicative of the personal beliefs or official stance of Indiquoise. We can help brand...

Avalara Vector Conversion

Avalara had a favorite image that was left by a previous designer in a low-res and small jpg (raster) image. So, we recreated the graphic and they used it to print posters and press t-shirts. This is a good example of why you should always secure orginal files from...

SlayerCon Logo

Transylvania Slayercon was the brainchild of an ex-police officer who saw a vision of better quality for horror-themed conventions than currently available. He contracted us to create a logo to represent his concept to investors, and we're thrilled with the result....

Nortech Logo

Nortech is a company that specializes in gun manufacturing and customization. They needed a logo that defined their starting niche (fire pins) while giving off a slight militant vibe. It is used as a stamp on their products, as well as in marketing collateral.

MCA/WeWork Statue

We take on regular recurring projects for businesses that need graphic work, and IDC is one such case. This particular project involved taking blueprints and Google map photos and creating a custom AI file to be built using pewter. The result is spectacular!

URF Logo

Unite River Forest was an initiative by several concerned citizens in the town of River Forest acting as a watchdog over local governance. They ultimately abandoned the project (after paying!) and we are still pretty proud of their logo. Here it is!

Opportunity Financial

This is a payday lender we built a holiday flyer for. They were so happy with the result, they reordered 4 times! Nothing makes us happier.

Ellehcor – Door Hanger

Ellehcor is a home automation and tech-forward company specializing in custom AV solutions. We built these door hangers as part of an effort to get the word out through grass-roots marketing.

Mr. Hookah Cafe

Mr. Hookah is a hookah bar in NW Chicago that is in the process of remodeling the building and their brand....but first, they want to let people know about their quality tobaccos and relaxing, non-judgmental atmosphere. Good people...

Rip-Tab Advertising

Economy Electric is a small electrcian company that came to us looking for a new look and way to attract customers. We built a logo for them based on the schematic sign for "transformer" used as a monogram/branding device. Then, we created a rip-tab flyer to display...