Door to Door Door Hanger

What a mouthful! We were contracted to create an, and I quote, “unique door hanger that people can’t help but wonder what it is.” Well…this is the inceptionesque result. The customer LOVED it, and said our design had the highest response rate of any other! Unfortunately, the company decided to close its doors after 6 years in the business. There must be quite an interesting hole in the direct marketing field with these heavy-hitters gone. (We didn’t make the logo)

Demark, Inc.


Demark, Inc. is a national company that specializes in placing the right people in high-level technological positions. Their primary focus is in the Energy industry with staples likes Nuclear and Fossil dominating, but they are branching out into other areas like Wind and Solar also. We are happy to give them a fresh look to compliment their ever-increasing services and hope nothing but the best for them!

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Memory Bear Maker


I was contacted by Nancy to help her new business, Memory Bear Maker, come up with a logo and website to support a growing base of supporters and fans on Facebook. We built the site using Yootheme and integrated her story into a pleasing and fun layout. It turned out great, and the service she provides is excellent!

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Em Poesy Productions


EM Poesy Productions is a passion project for a local artist to her loving fans! We are happy to help create a space for her work to shine on the internet.

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Blue Apron Layouts


Blue Apron (the popular delivery and recipe service) contracted us to design layouts for their newest release: The Blue Apron Cookbook: 165 Essential Recipes and Lessons for a Lifetime of Home Cooking

We couldn’t be happier with the result! Get cooking in style and convenience with Blue Apron today!

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DNC Fraud Lawsuit Logo

We created a logo for the pending legal case, DNC Fraud Lawsuit. While we enjoy the design and are proud of the result, our creation of the logo and display here is not necessarily indicative of the personal beliefs or official stance of Indiquoise. We can help brand your cause to give a cognitive edge.