Fan Pay

Fan Pay is a website referred to my by another long-time client. It was a rush job, but the principal contact had all his ducks in a row by┬áproviding me all copy, a layout (!), and images…ready to go. I was able to knock it out in less than 48hrs. We hope they enjoy their new site!

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Alford Strategy Management


ASM INC is a strategy management firm out of Chicago. They help small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, and more understand and develop their business strategy. The result is increased efficiency and expanded market share. These guys are the real deal.

I created a branding package and website design for this company.

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New England Water Group

newatergroup New England Water Group is an expansion of another company we’ve worked with (always awesome to hear!) that was originally based in the great Midwest. Now, they have a solid offering for the NE side of the USA with operations based in Boston. If you are a business, municipality, or engineer in need of water-related equipment, give em a call.

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Kitchen Ten VFW


Kitchentenvfw is the home-base for a new restaurant in Lockport, IL featuring the only fast casual dining experience in town! Every week the menu changes, so be sure to visit often. The concept for the name, kitchen ten, is taken from the way the menu is set up. Every week there is a choice of ten items served primarily during lunch.

I know where I will be going to eat when I visit Lockport next…sounds delicious!

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JJS Global

jjs and I have had a long relationship. These are just great guys who do a killer business, but the previous designer left their site in shambles! For shame…well, we went in and gutted the whole old installation and installed a new Joomla template complete with fancy Widgetkit animations and galleries. As an added precaution, we locked down the server (Windows on Plesk) against any potential online threats. One can never be too careful in the financial sector.

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Inspired Design Creations

This is a client that needed a “homebase” for their custom commemorative sales force that told the story of the company and industry. We went with a fullpage.js layout that really gives a great experience through using a touch device. The client is happy, we are happy, and now we know where you can get a cool lucite statue to celebrate your next big deal.

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