Indiquoise offers web hosting for anyone at a discount with every website
build. Our (Indiquoise) web hosting comes in two categories; supported and
unsupported. Indiquoise’s “supported” web hosting is an application-based
Cpanel virtual web server and (usually) a content management system that
runs your web site. “Unsupported” hosting provides more flexibility to run
custom/special web applications or services, but with no support provided
from Indiquoise.

Your website may move from “Supported” to “Unsupported” if the WordPress
core, Template, and all Plugins present on your site are not kept up to
date within 4 iterative cycles. We provide a service and will update for
you, based on your site complexity and/or the immediacy of need. This is
optional, but will be the default. We will always advise up to 1 week ahead
of time if and when we intend to update your installation and recommend any
edits or changes be sent during that time period, subject to an additional
convienience discount. Any and all charges involved will be disclosed prior
to the work being completed, and all fees should be paid in a timely

If you choose to Opt Out of updating via Indiquoise’s service, YOU are
responsible for keeping your website up to date as outlined above. Failure
to do so will place your website into “Unsupported” status and we will not
be liable for any potential damage as a result. The fee for restoring a
damaged website is $50-$150, at our discretion.


Supported Hosting

If your group just needs a basic web presence without any sophisticated
requirements, Indiquoise’s “supported” hosting will provide you a section
of the Indiquoise server for your use. Your website files and database will
all be housed in the same server. Indiquoise will provide a basic level of
support, such as server maintenance, basic troubleshooting, and basic
training for editing, upon request.

You will not be allowed to install additional applications or products into
your WordPress site. However, all server maintenance and support will be
handled by Indiquoise.

This is the best option for smaller groups, or those with less complicated


Unsupported Hosting

For groups with more elaborate needs (custom PHP coding, MySQL databases,
etc.) Indiquoise offers hosting on the “unsupported” webserver. This
server is very much a “do it yourself” style of hosting, where your group
will be responsible for any/all installed applications or tools. A basic
suite of web server tools will be available for you, such as PHP, MySQL,
etc. These tools will be kept up to date with the most recent versions,
and you will receive notices of updates in advance so you can prepare for
any issues (i.e., updating code to comply with newer versions of software).


If you wish to use unsupported hosting, please note the following:

Your group is responsible for ALL coding/programming/content on your site

Your site must meet all applicable web standards for network security

If an application on your site is found to contain security holes, or is
“hacked” in some way, Indiquoise will shut your site down immediately. You
will be allowed access to fix issues, but the site will not be restored
online until the security issue is resolved to Indiquoise’s satisfaction.
Indiquoise cannot provide assistance for any troubleshooting.

There is absolutely NO support from any member of Indiquoise for
applications that are crashing, misbehaving, or generally not performing

This option is intended only for groups with more complicated needs and the
technical ability to handle support issues that may come up. Please read
the instructions for connecting to the Unsupported Web Server.

Custom Domain Names

Indiquoise supports the use of external domain names within it’s policies.
However, you will be responsible for the purchase and upkeep of domain name
registrations. Indiquoise will provide you the information to give to your
registrar to ensure your site will work properly, but beyond that will not
be able to assist with issues related to domain names or their