Economy Electric is a small electrcian company that came to us looking for a new look and way to attract customers. We built a logo for them based on the schematic sign for “transformer” used as a monogram/branding device. Then, we created a rip-tab flyer to display at local sign boards. Their business tripled in 6 months, and we can’t help but think this sign made that happen.

This gentleman hand carves Surname Plaques for families and businesses. He approached Indiquoise for help with a shoe-string budget, and we created a rip-tab flyer to be displayed at job boards. The entire piece radiates class, and he was more than thankful. Now he has left his day job and creates plaques fulltime. We are thinking of getting one for the office!

This person is actually the brother of the man who makes name plaques….once he saw the increase in business from our flyer, he reached out to us to help him. Talent must run in their family! We hope this has served him well.