Hailing from New York City, Simply MCA, a merchant cash advance business, came to us requesting web design within a content framework. After working out a plan, we collaborated with the partners’ branding team to develop a layout within WordPress’s CMS and Yootheme’s Visual Builder. This approach allowed the in-house team the ability to change and create pages autonomously. Teach a person to fish, right? They should be proud!
The partners are long-time clients of Indiquoise from past UI/UX, web design, and application development and this latest project showcases what we love best: helping business’s vision spring to life through effective design solutions! This web site is an example of how Indiquoise and your team can create something beautiful…without escalated cost or esoteric development choices. We put the agency back into the hands of the user, and all for freelancer prices. This is our philosophy at work for you.

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